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Similar to its predecessor

Similar to its predecessor, The Last among us Part II contains several environmental puzzles. Among the ones you'll come across against your adventure are the collaboration safes. If you're having trouble with locating the safes or their related clues for figuring out all the combinations, you've come into the right place. If you recently want the answer and don't like solving the riddles, we certainly have those listed too. Listed below, you'll find a full list of every safe code combination at the tables.

Just so you realize, we do have to look into slight story spoilers during this guide to explain where certain safes are. We don't go into narrative developments, but we do spoil what type of locations you'll visit in the game by describing where to find certain safes and their particular corresponding clues.

So if you wish to go into The Last among us Part II completely freed from spoilers, we suggest playing throughout the game first and then finding their way back to this guide for any new game plus function or follow-up playthrough. There are 15ish safes amongst gamers to find. We say 15ish as two with the combination locks you have to solve aren't connected to safes--one is often a vault, the other is really a cage. However, we've decided to throw them in right here anyway. You can look into more coverage in our Last Of people 2 guides, tips, and walkthroughs roundup.

In GameSpot's The final of Us Part II spoiler-free evaluation, Kallie Plagge writes, "At situations, the pain you inflict feels so senseless that it can leave you numb. It can be all messy and sparse and made me profoundly unfortunate for myriad reasons, women and men more I reflect at it, the more I appreciate situation and characters at their core. I wanted almost it's unlikely that any of it to happen began seeing it did, and that's what's both equally beautiful and devastating about it. "

Safe #1
The best safe is difficult to help miss--in the opening chapter on the game, Jackson, you'll chose the safe inside the supermarket that's complete with spores and infected. The story will make you this safe. Finding the clue for that combination is pretty uncomplicated too, as it's for the desk right next towards the safe.
If you need help finding out the clue, look with the pictures that are on the desk and then evaluate the collection of photos which can be on the wall a bit behind you--they detail all the winners of the employee on the month. Still don't understand it? The combination is 07-20-13.
Protected #2
You'll need to visit an actual bank to obtain the second safe--which you'll discover very early on in Seattle Day 1 in Seattle's Downtown location. It's technically more of the vault than a secure, but you'll need to see the clue to its combination just like the other safes in the game. The bank is within the giant open area in which Ellie journeys to following the Last of Us Section II's opening chapter. It is located at 5th as well as James. You can miss your budget (it's optional) but you may stumble on it eventually should you just explore the area.

Inside the bank, you may see the remains of any heist gone wrong. Among the remains may be a note that details the actual plan for the heist plus the code you'll need to open the vault. The vault is around the left wall of your budget, through the safety downpayment box room--it opens towards combination code 60-23-06. While you're here, be absolute to open the safety deposit box inside the corner. It hides the particular antique ring artifact, which you’ll find to unlock this "So Great And Small" Ps Trophy. 201911ld

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