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Through the summer of the 2019

Through the summer of the 2019 the Bavaria 39 Tessa Jane began producing black harrow smoke and suffering a cut of power from her 2006 Volvo Penta MD2030. Initial investigations covered the same old suspects such as gas issues, blocked exhaust elbow etc, which resulted in the fitting on the shiny new stainless-steel wear out elbow.
But I was struggling to isolate the exact cause before our annual cruise around the Channel Islands and north France, so we basically kept the revs very low while motoring and savored our holiday.

However, while motor-sailing from St Peter Port to Cherbourg, the smell of unburnt diesel increased and capacity increases miles from the west entrance into the harbour we started emitting rather a good number of white smoke.

We limped into Chantereyne marina and were luckily in a position to berth on the hammerhead, which reduced the amount of time manoeuvring under strength and kept the white smoke to a minimum. We obviously necessary to address this tout-suite therefore cancelled our plans to keep onto St-Vaast-la-Hougue and go about investigating a possible defective or blocked injector.
Wonder breakage
I successfully pulled top two injectors (of that three), but the aft-most a single was surprisingly loose. Diesel injectors should be fitted with relatively higher torque, so when I fixed to removing the retaining nut to the fuel leak-off pipe emotionally involved with the rear cylinder, I got genuinely surprised to see the entire injector rotate as good. Inevitably, the result of the rotation was that the brass leak-off pipe pennyless.

With the three injectors most of pulled, a quick inspection with their ports highlighted that the actual rear injector port appeared to be completely blocked with carbon build-up, and I attributed the fact that doctors to the loose injector. We also noted that there was a lump of something that looked like calcified carbon still somewhat blocking the injector port, but this proved impossible to clear out.

I cleaned the back injector port, and made a temporary repair into the fuel pipe using JB Weld before reassembling the system. An engine test confirmed all of us had, at least, stopped the billowing white smoke cigarettes.

Due to a not enough brazing equipment on aboard, which could have been familiar with affect a more permanent repair belonging to the leak-off pipe, I decided to visit a number of local garages and workshops to view if anyone could fashion some form of repair for me. Sorry to say, I was out with luck.

Plan B therefore was to make use of the Volvo Penta Actions Service (VPAS) to source an upgraded part. This was now Friday afternoon before the August bank holiday and we had crew joining us on the following Tuesday ready for just a sail back across the particular Channel. VPAS were great with identifying the suitable part number, locating a local dealer, dealing by using translation challenges, and getting them to offer it right to the marina on the Monday. However, I ended up disbursing 200 Euros for a part you will get online in the BRITISH for £50.
With the replacement gasoline pickup installed and homemade wine stocks replenished we loved a lovely sail back along the channel stopping overnight in Yarmouth, before continuing through to Portsmouth. Engine power ended up being still slightly reduced, but there seemed to be no billowing white smoke cigarettes.

I knew I’d should remove the cylinder head as a way to identify the foreign object while in the rear cylinder injector opening, and as the boat can be moving to her cold months home in October, we enjoyed a bunch of weekends in the Solent without incident.
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