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Work smarter, not harder

Cardio, managers told assemblers for you to “work smarter, not harder” without giving them with the tools to begin goal. This was especially hard for workers who must lift heavy objects all over their workstations. Today, even so, they can “lift smart and work easier” thanks to numerous state-of-the-art cranes, hoists, clever assist devices and function positioners.

Assemblers at one Turkish auto plant welcome these applications to ease the installation of front and rear suspensions for two auto models. Initially, each suspension was installed that has a pneumatic loader. But the slow speed, lack connected with control and difficulty changing to different suspension loads slowed production considerably—preventing workers from meeting the installing rate of 50 suspensions a hour.

To solve the issue, managers replaced the pneumatic loader together with two Easy Arm lifting devices manufactured by Gorbel Inc. Both equipment are 10 feet substantial, have a 10-foot reach and show G-Force technology that gives you more control, greater speed and easier lifting than the loader. Lift capacity is generated by way of servo-controlled actuator at the top part of the device. A coiled air range connects the actuator to a handle that maneuvers the part.

One Easy Arm is equipped with a Q330 actuator of which lifts and moves 220-pound entry suspensions. The other device carries a Q165 actuator, and the item handles 165-pound rear suspensions.

Assemblers in the Oerlikon Fairfield plant in Lafayette, IN, also make good by using Gorbel’s Easy Arm rising devices. The company can make Torque Hub gears along with drives for OEMs around the world.

Each product weighs 50 to 80 pounds any time assembled. Until recently, assemblers at one operate cell manually moved each part to a worktable from nearby stacks, rotated and flipped this increasingly heavier assembly, and moved the finished product into a storage area.

Facility engineering supervisor Anthony Schenk says this approach triggered each worker assembling exclusively six or seven products per shift, about 20 each day over three shifts. More importantly, the manual lifting produced excessive usage on the worker 7 days a week.

Two years ago, the business installed Easy Arms to improve worker ergonomics and raise productivity. A handle together with end-of-arm tooling enables the assembler to easily get parts, and rotate and flip the assembly. In terms of productivity, Schenk says the worker now assembles SOMETHING LIKE 20 units per shift—a 300- p'cent increase. Crane Hoist Control 201911ld

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