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Another time the clerk at your favorite grocery store asks whether you want “paper or plastic” on your purchases

Another time the clerk at your favorite grocery store asks whether you want “paper or plastic” on your purchases, consider giving the particular truly eco-friendly response and saying, “neither. ”



Plastic bags turn into litter that fouls your landscape and kill a large number of marine animals every 12 months that mistake the floating bags for food. Plastic bags that get buried in landfills may occupy to 1, 000 years to wear out, and in the process, they separate into smaller and smaller toxic debris that contaminate soil as well as water. Furthermore, the production of plastic bags consume numerous gallons of oil that could be used for fuel along with heating.

Is Paper Superior to Plastic?

Paper bags, which many individuals consider a better alternative to plastic bags, carry his or her set of environmental troubles. For example, according on the American Forest and Documents Association, in 1999 that U. S. alone made use of 10 billion paper food market bags, which adds up to numerous trees, plus a large amount of water and chemicals to process the paper.


Reusable Bags Is a Better Option

 But if you ever decline both paper plus plastic bags, then find out how to get your groceries household? The answer, according to many environmentalists, is high-quality reusable shopping bags manufactured from materials that don’t harm the environment during production and don’t need to be discarded after each use. You can find the best selection of high-quality reusable hand bags online, or at most grocery stores, department stores, and meals co-operatives.



Experts estimate that FIVE HUNDRED billion to 1 trillion plastic material bags are consumed and discarded annually worldwide — greater than a million per minute.


Below are a few facts about plastic bags to help demonstrate the value regarding reusable bags to consumers as well as environment:

Plastic bags aren't biodegradable. They actually experience a process called photodegradation — splitting down into smaller and also smaller toxic particles in which contaminate both soil and water and wind up entering the food string when animals accidentally take in them.

According to environmentally friendly Protection Agency, more than 380 billion plastic bags are used in america every year. Of these, approximately 100 billion are plastic shopping bags, which will cost retailers about $4 million annually.

According to quite a few estimates, Taiwan consumes 30 billion plastic bags on a yearly basis (900 per person), Japan consumes 300 billion bags on a yearly basis (300 per person), along with Australia consumes 6. ON THE LOOKOUT FOR billion plastic bags yearly (326 per person).

Lots of whales, dolphins, ocean turtles, and other marine mammals die annually after eating discarded plastic material bags they mistake with regard to food.

Discarded plastic bags have grown so common in Africa they want spawned a cottage community. People there collect the actual bags and use these people to weave hats, purses, and other goods. Reported by the BBC, one this sort of group routinely collects THIRTY, 000 bags every calendar month.

Plastic bags as kitty have even become commonplace in Antarctica as well as other remote areas. According to David Barnes, a marine scientist with the British Antarctic Survey, plastic bags have gone from being rare in the late 1980s and early on 1990s to being just about everywhere in Antarctica.

Some governments have recognized the severity on the problem and are taking action to assist combat it.

Strategic Taxations Can Cut Plastic Travelling bag Use

 In 2001, by way of example, Ireland was using JUST ONE. 2 billion plastic purses annually, about 316 every person. In 2002, the particular Irish government imposed your plastic bag consumption duty (called a PlasTax), who has reduced consumption by NINETY DAYS percent. The tax with $. 15 per bag is definitely paid by consumers whenever they check out at this store. Besides cutting back on litter, Ireland’s levy has saved approximately EIGHTEEN million liters of gas. Several other governments everywhere are now considering similar tax on plastic totes.


Governments Use the Law to Limit Plastic Carriers

 Japan passed a law that empowers the us government to issue warnings that will merchants that overuse plastic-type bags and don’t carry out enough to “reduce, reuse, or recycle. ” With Japanese culture, it is common to get stores to wrap each item in unique bag, which the Japan consider a matter of both good hygiene and respect or politeness.


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