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Perhaps you have purchased and used a fantastic oxygen compressor?

Perhaps you have purchased and used a fantastic oxygen compressor? In fact, even if it is certainly simple, using an oxygen compressor is not always easy. However, the maintenance with the oxygen compressor is crucial.


How to employ an oxygen compressor?

O2 compressor regime maintenance and precautions

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Easy methods to utilize an oxygen compressor?


Using an oxygen compressor simply just isn't as complicated as you may want think, it's actually straightforward. After the compressor is definitely installed, it can often be place in normal functioning after standard test. If you need to adjust a parameter, you might want to follow the steps down below:


1. Pressure switch setpoint shift

The machine usually functions 2 pressure switches. Finding the one you might even adjust not only needs to be able to use the oxygen compressor, and also the maintenance of the actual oxygen compressor, because it relates to normal use. Control standard principle: Loading pressure (starting pressure) + differential tension = stop pressure.


l When adjusting, take the pressure gauge because of the standard and loosen this specific tightening nut;


l Lessen the loading pressure: flip the pressure adjusting mess clockwise (pointer up, pressure decrease) for half seven days, observe whether the launching pressure meets certain requirements (because the pressure difference isn't adjusted, the stopping desire will change accordingly), or else, adjust it appropriately.


l Add to the pressure difference: rotate the particular differential pressure adjustment add counterclockwise (the pointer improvements down, the pressure difference increases) for half 1 week, and observe whether the pressure difference will be the stop pressure or rather than, if no adjustment is definitely created.


l After each strain value is recast, lock the nut in addition to correct the parameters the moment. Increase the loading strain or reduce the strain difference plus reverse the particular adjustment because described preceding. The inlet pressure switch adjustment method is actually the same, but the wiring method takes some other approach, the stop stress currently = starting stress - differential pressure. It truly is strictly forbidden to perform the machine above this rated tire out pressure.


COUPLE OF. Heat controller adjustment

Each stage on the compressor gives you some sort of temperature controller, and that is installed around the control cabinet panel plus its set at the producing plant.

Set it, when you should reset, please refer to your manual of the ingenious temperature controller.


3. Vigor relay regulation

The thermal relay acts for a motor overload protection. Once in a while, the motor will stop rotating. If the set value is thought to be malfunctioning, it has to be properly adjusted by qualified electric work, and the running current need to be measured. When the compressor may be working normally, there is less work to get maintained, but it should be handled by a particular person. It should be patrolled twice per shift to observe whether the compressor includes abnormal heat, abnormal vibration, excessive sound, etc. If it is crucial, stop it immediately. Immediately after confirming the troubleshooting, you could continue to run. Whenever they get home of each shift, the ability should be turned off and also the intake valve closed. In an attempt to ensure long-term reliable operation from the machine, it must always be checked regularly.


Oxygen compressor routine maintenance and precautions
A DEFINITE. When the compressor is probably running, it must carefully do necessary inspections and inspections, monitor the operating conditions on the compressor, closely monitor the following suction, exhaust pressure as well as temperature, exhaust volume, cooling water temperature and various control indicators, pay unique attention to abnormal noises, and Record every every so often.


2. During the working, the process gas will probably be strictly prevented from being crushed within the low-pressure cylinder and other gas pipelines due to the high-pressure cylinder to prevent oil, water and mineral water.


3. It is forbidden to overpower the compressor under over-temperature, over-pressure in addition to over-speed. If there will be any abnormality, you should carefully remove the fault and report it in period.


4. Gas leakage Once the vehicle is in catastrophe stop, the power need to be cut off in the specific substation.


5. When repairing the equipment, carefully check the maintenance license and also relevant safety inspection regulations to be certain the safety of this kind of inspection.


6. When putting into action an oxygen compressor, tend not to use oily sand to wipe the gear, pipes, valves and factors. Do not be infected by oil. Degreasing treatment should be carried out after inspection, and flammable gas leakage monitoring equipment ought to be provided.


7. Check the equipment room and arbitrarily ton flammable materials.


In deduce

You don't have to stress about the caliber with the compressor, because your o2 compressors, nitrogen compressors, CO2 compressors, etc. have passed the EU CE certification and therefore are also recognized for the safety inside compressor. If you still don't discover how to use it, you are able to consult us. But you should definitely pay attention to defense work.
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