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Custom Engraved Photo Lighter

A lot of people do not realize that personalized items can be gifted, and you don't even have to spend a lot of money to get a personalized lighter. The only thing that you really need is the creativity to come up with a nice message. You can use your computer to make the engraving part of the gift. What ever you do, always think outside the box and don't settle for something common.

People love to personalize items and gifts, so why not a Custom Engraved Photo Lighter? It's a great gift idea for that special person in your life. When I was a kid my father had an iron lamp shade with an engraved picture of his daughter on it, and it was the talk of the neighborhood when he would come home with it.

Kids like to play with fire, and light things. If your friend or family member loves kids or gardening, or is into hobbies like rock climbing, you can give them a personalized product with their name and some gardening message. I know one time I gave my brother a couple of rocks that were engraved with the initials for his name and some of the hard climbing route information. We all gathered around to admire them and he was totally surprised when I told him what I had done. I guess it worked out OK, as he was thrilled that I thought of him that way.


Personalized products make great gifts for every member of the family. Grandma loves tea kettles and there are hundreds of them available online, and I love using my Grandma's name engraved on her tea kettle. If you want to give something unique and maybe one-of-a-kind to a lady of the night, a Custom Engraved Photo Lighter is a great choice. Ladies love being left with a gift that's personalized, and that's just what you'll accomplish with a Custom Engraved Photo Lighter. It's something that she will keep forever and will appreciate, no matter how old she may be.


Men love sports and there are tons of sports and hobbies available. Baseball bats, golf clubs, windsurfing flags, surfboards, scuba gear, camping accessories, and even custom hats for fishing. I have a custom hat from my childhood that my dad engraved, it's a metal frame with a hat brim and a large hole in the center for a name. He gave it to me when I was a baby. It was really cool and he thought it was a great gift, but I think he gave me the same one back when I was about five years old.


As a writer I am constantly amazed at people who go the extra mile to make a birthday, anniversary, or other special day, an event, or occasion, something special, and one-of-a-kind. I once had someone give me a custom engraving box that had my name on it and a message, and the box was custom sealed. There were all kinds of cool things written inside the box that I could not believe when I opened it up.


Custom engraving can be used for other things besides lighting things and serving coffee. Other things that can be personalized are:


As I mentioned above, my pen names are Dan and Paul. My dad, like many dads, wanted something different for my birthday so he made me a personalized lanyard, a really cool gift that my kids absolutely love. Last year, my dad wrote my name on a gift card and he also put my phone number on the gift card as well. That was a great Christmas present and really memorable gift, as he included his name, and my phone number on the gift card as well.

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