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About: One of the most impressive and unique games I have played involves a Jigsaw Puzzle - Custom Photo. To become very familiar with the game, one needs to get a set of custom wood design and a couple of different designs of Jigsaw puzzle. You also need to know which jigsaw to use in which parts of the puzzle that you design. Once the game is completed and all the pieces are assembled the player would then be given the choice of either destroying the photo of their choice or they could keep it as a souvenir and look at it again in five years.

Some people say this Custom Photo Jigsaw Puzzle can last forever; I think that is another example of the human nature. It is amazing how each of us has the ability to have something that we value and we also know how to take care of it. It is not that we can not live without it but the custom of putting a photo on a puzzle with numbers makes it seem more special to us than a book or a magazine. The ability to take a picture and scan it and then show it to the person who is in charge of making the puzzle is a nice memory for the future.

Once the person has put all the information together that is not protected by the puzzle it is up to them as to whether they want to keep it as a souvenir or destroy it or scan it and turn it into a collage and store it. Custom Photo Jigsaw Puzzle is a very nice memory for the future. By choosing to destroy the photo and then keep it a private souvenir or to use it as a memory to share with the people that matter.

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